Hey there,

my name is Stella and welcome to my personal blog.

I would like to take the opportunity here and give you a brief overview of what to expect on these pages. So you can decide quickly if this is something you want to spend your time on ;-)! I focus on these pages on design thinking and my research work for different design projects that usually create visual output.

If you are only interested in the visual output and not the process, feel free to visit my website (stellaachenbach.com) or Instagram account (@stellaachenbach). If you love to see what went on in my head during the creational process you are definitely in the right place.

Additionally, you can follow up on two hobbies of mine, being poetry and trying out new applications. Feel free to check them out, even though I claim no professionalism in it.

So, I hope I you will encounter something inspiring with one or more of those themes, subscribe and check back frequently.